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The Heter Iska offer Is a comprehensive Heter Iska intended to fit the lending industry in a practical manner.

The Heter Iska offer Is designed to be pre-signed by the bank and delivered for signature to the intended recipient, a Jewish borrower, either through the bank’s or KFI’s website, from where it would be available for download, or through a loan broker. The counterparty would fill out his information, enter information about the loan document, sign and date the contract.
By structuring the Heter Iska as such, we eliminate the need of a bank to sign upon each closing individually. It will rather be the responsibility of each individual to countersign the bank's pre-signed Heter Iska.



Incorporation by reference

The Public Iska, has the Heter Iska Incorporated by reference, and therefore requires no additional documents or signatures whatsoever. The Incorporated Heter Iska must be reasonably accessible to the public via the bank's website and should also be provided to each individual upon request. A clause to incorporate the Heter Iska by reference will need to be added in the closing documents. (Please ask your KFI represent for a sample)


Ideal for single-use 

The Individual Heter Iska is a Heter Iska that needs to be signed upon each closing, by all parties. 

All services qualify for the KFI certification of approval.
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