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HaRav Aaron Wieder is a Dayan (Jewish religious law judge) and moreh tzedek (decisor) in New Square, New York, as well as a Magid Shiur (teacher) in Yeshivah Be’er Yaakov of New Square.

Rabbi Wieder completed his studies of ribbis in Merkoz Hokoillem of New Square in 5756 (1996), writing Mishpat HaRibbis, an authoritative Sefer (book), on the question-and-answer format, on the practical rules of ribbis and iskas with many iska forms. an authoritative, (book) in question-and-answer format, on the practical rules of ribbis and iskas.sefer


Additionally, Rabbi Wieder has authored seforim (books) on other subjects, such as the Chol Hamoed laws, and a two-volume work on the blessings said over food.


In 5765 (2005), Rabbi Wieder received Semichah (rabbinical ordination) from three internationally-recognized supreme halachic authorities and prolific authors of Israel: the late Rabbi Shmuel Wosner, chief Dayan of  Beis Din Zichron Meirin Bnie Berock, the late Rabbi Meir Bransdorfer, Dayan of the Beis Din Eidah HaChareidis (Haredi Community Court) zt"l, and Rabbi Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss shluta, chief dayan of the Beis Din Eidah HaChareidis.


In 5777 (2007), Rabbi Wieder founded the Institute of Halachah and Commerce (Machon Mis’char K’Halachah), whose mission is to guide businesspeople in all four volumes of the Code of Jewish Law (Shulchan Aruch)—whether the laws of Shabbos (the Jewish Sabbath), yichud (gender seclusion), Chol Hamoed (the “Intermediate Days” of the Sukkos and Passover holidays), and the laws or ribbis and iska in particular.  The Institute was led by the late Rabbi  Yakov Yitzchok Neiman, halachic authority and author, and Dayan and moreh tzedek in the Belz Chasidic community of Montreal, Canada.  It is currently headed by Rabbi Yechiel Michel Steinmetz halachic authority and dayan in the Skvirer Chasidic community of Brooklyn, New York.


Rabbi Wieder has 20 years of practice in navigating the ribbis laws and drafting hundreds of heter iska documents for businesses, including many banks, mortgage brokers and credit card companies.

Rabbi Aron Wieder 
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