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What is the KFI

In recent years, significant demand for a kosher certification agency for financial institutions has been growing in the faith-based Jewish community, whether traditional banks, mortgage firms, hard money lenders or even general mortgage brokers.


In response, a group of concerned Jewish financiers and business owners laid the groundwork for the Kosher Financial

Institute (KFI)—reaching out to leading rabbis with

collective expertise in ribbis.


Currently, the Kosher Financial Institute is under the auspices and encouragement of Rabbi Yechiel Mechel Steinmetz, Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rabbi Sariel Rosenberg, Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst, Rabbi Naftali Nussbaum and Rabbi Aron Wieder how have thrown their support behind KFI, emphasizing the importance of community ribbis awareness and compliance.

KFI meets this growing community need by:​

  1. Determining whether financial institutions require a heter iska

  2. Designing customized heter iskas for financial institutions needing them, whether depositors or borrowers

  3. Providing constant supervision to financial institutions to ensure constant compliance with heter iska operating requirements, including real-time monitoring of ownership status.

  4. Providing full government and legal advocacy for all involved parties.

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