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KFI Heter Iska

Opening up new possibilities

Banking-friendly Heter Iska


The goal of the KFI-designed Heter Iska is to work in conjunction with the primary loan documents of a bank or lending institution to make the funding compliant with Jewish law.  


Problem and solution

Jews are forbidden from borrowing or making interest-bearing loans to each other. However, by implementing a Heter Iska, the underlying loan is legally redefined and converted into an investment that will ultimately produce the same results as the underlying loan. Nevertheless, since the transaction has been transformed into an “investment,” you are no longer making a “loan” so you can earn a “profit” from your “investment.” 

The bottom line

The Heter Iska we offer is designed to work in conjunction with the primary loan documents, allowing it to be incorporated quickly and smoothly into any lending institution without extensive changes.


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