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PennyMac Corp.


Kosher certified as of: 


Certification ID:


Heter Iska: 


Kosher Certified: Certification ID: K-715:

Heter Iska K-715 must be signed by both the borrower and an authorized signer of PennyMac Corp., the prospective purchaser of your mortgage loan. This Heter Iska is NOT between you and the original correspondent lender; a separate Heter Iska is required between you and the loan originator if they are Jewish.

Please contact PennyMac at to obtain a Heter Iska K-715.

Caution: Heter Iska K-715 is only for PennyMac Corp., the correspondent division of PennyMac. For loans originated by PennyMac Loan Services, LLC, refer to the certification and Heter Iska K-659.


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