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A&D Mortgage, LLC


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A&D Mortgage, LLC, located in Hollywood, FL, is a retail and wholesale producer of conforming and government mortgage loans, as well as Non-QM loans, which is the company niche and strength. ADM is a Fannie /Freddie/FHA approved Mortgage Lender / Servicer of Agency, Government, Non-QM and Small Balance Commercial Mortgage Loans.

The company was founded by Max Slyusarchuk whose career includes 20 years of mortgage and banking experience. He is also a Shareholder and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Home Federal Bank of Hollywood and Board Member and Director of Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals. A&D Mortgage serves individual homeowners and established individual investor clients. This allows them to be able to grow and to compete with the leading mortgage firms in the United States. As a standard and licensed mortgage loan service firm, they offer a wide range of mortgage loans and are well trained and equipped to service a wide ranging clientele base.

Below is a list of the businesses and organizations that they have specifically designed their products and services for:

• Real Estate Investors
• US Citizens
• Non-permanent Resident Aliens
• Foreign Nationals
• Self-employed individuals
• Individuals and households


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