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I Fund Cities


Kosher certified as of: 


Certification ID:


Heter Iska: 


Kosher Certified: Certification ID: K-624:
The Kosher certification applies only to mortgages securitized by Verus
Heter Iska should be countersigned as per instructions. Please contact KFI or I Fund Cities ( to request a Heter Iska.

I Fund Cities is an alternative lending platform built by investors for investors! That’s right, we are just like you. Our company is doing things a little differently around here. We are a lending company born from the desire to provide investors with reliable capital and a lending experience that’s all about speed, transparency, and partnership.

With years of real estate and institutional investing experience and an extremely reliable closing rate, IFC has helped many investors build and scale their real estate portfolios.

Just like you, we’re hustle and grit. Like you too, we’re entrepreneurial, creative thinkers, and we value upfront honest talk about deals, business, and life.

IFC has made big waves in the world of real estate investing by providing a full-service private lending platform with a focus on fix and flips 1-4 units, new construction 1-4 units, small multifamily, and long-term investor rental loans.


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